Save yourself $200 on this crazy Samsung Galaxy S20 deal


The Samsung Galaxy S20 is by no means a cheap smartphone. At $1,000, it is definitely one of the more expensive smartphones around. The good news is that if you were eyeing the handset, you might want to check out this pretty awesome deal on Amazon right now where it seems that the phone has been given a 20% discount.

This means that instead of paying $1,000, you’ll only need to pay $800 for it, saving yourself $200 in the process. Now, we know that $800 is still quite a lot of money, but considering how much you save and the impressive hardware specs and features that are packed into the Galaxy S20, it could be worth it.

Note that this particular model is an unlocked 5G model meaning that you’ll have to pay full price upfront. If you’d rather buy it through a carrier’s installment plan, then you’ll have to speak to your local carrier for more information. Otherwise, head on over to Amazon’s website to quickly take advantage of this deal.

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