May 18th, 2020

If you’re someone who spends their time outdoors a lot, then chances are you might find your smartphone running low on battery some time during the day. This is where power banks can come in handy, and if you’re shopping for a new power bank, then this deal for Anker’s PowerCore could be quite a steal.

The PowerCore 10000 PD is currently on Amazon where at this time of posting, is enjoying a 38% discount. This means that instead of its usual price of $40, it is now priced at $25, saving you $15 in the process. In case its name did not already give it away, this particular power bank comes with a 10,000mAh battery.

The PowerCore 10000 PD offers the ability to charge either via USB-A or USB-C, so if you have a USB-C to USB-C cable, then you can go ahead and use this power bank without any issues. We’re not sure how long this deal will run for, but you might want to check it out while it is still available.

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