Apr 29th, 2020

Ubisoft is taking an odd approach for the unveiling of its next installment of the Assasins Creed franchise. While we would typically be treated to an amazing trailer of the new game at a launch event at a gaming trade show, this time around the game is being slowly unveiled in a Photoshop livestream as a Unisoft artist slowly manipulated a cover image which appears to represent the setting of the new game.

Nearly two hours into the stream, the landscape and a castle hint at midlevel Europe os the backdrop for the next Assasins Creed installment. Some rumors have indicated that Ubisoft would be exploring the connections between the Assasins and the Vikings.

There’s no telling how long the Photoshop livestream will take to fully reveal the new game or even when might come at the very end. Ubisoft may have a full trailer to share once image has been completed. There’s no indication yet as to when the game will be released, but there’s a good chance that it will be making its way to Stadia at some point.


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