Samsung could have a phone with a popup camera in the works


Samsung’s phones to date that opted to use a hole-punch camera system to hide the front-facing cameras on its smartphones. This is versus other handset makers who have either opted to go for a notch design, a slideout camera design, or a popup camera design.

Now it looks like Samsung is planning on adopting a popup camera system, or at least that’s what it looks like based on a render created by @OnLeaks and Pigtou. In the render, as you can see below, it seems that Samsung has a new phone in the works that could be a new Galaxy A-series handset with a front-facing popup camera.

Like we said, Samsung typically goes for phones with a hole-punch camera design, so this popup camera would actually be a first for the company. It is unclear why Samsung has opted for this design when they have skipped over it in the past, but it could be interesting. Also, the render shows what appears to be a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor and a trio of cameras on the back.

No other specs of the phone have been mentioned, but given that this is supposed to be part of the company’s Galaxy A-series, we expect that it will most likely be packing some mid-range specs, so don’t expect anything too mindblowing.

Source: Pigtou

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