Porsche unveils some gorgeous CarPlay/Android Auto head units for its classic cars


Android Auto and Apple CarPlay may not seem like a big deal, but it’s a bit of a revolution for car infotainment. Where before car infotainment was a decade outdated by the time it rolled off the factory floor, now you can use a constantly updating modern interface that’s built into your phone rather than your car.

However, older cars don’t have this new tech. It’s fairly easy to install a head unit in most cars, but it does have its downsides. Resale value often drops (though it’s usually inconsequential) and many head units look like early 2000s sci fi messes. It’s hard to find a classy, period correct head unit these days.

This is an even bigger problem if you own a classic car. Here, resale value and period correctness are extremely important. If you’re driving a classic Porsche 911, you don’t want a Tron-like light show going on in your dashboard. So to help owners keep a classic look while modernizing their vehicles, Porsche has announced two new head units.

The new head units are called Porsche Classic Communication Management (PCCM) and are an upgrade to an old model with Bluetooth and navigation, but this time around they also feature CarPlay, an SD slot, USB, and aux. Both the single DIN unit with its 3.5-inch display and the double DIN unit with its 7-inch display have retro styling, with knobs and buttons (remember those) alongside the display to make it fit into your car. The single DIN one is designed for 911s from the 60’s onward, while the double DIN model will fit 911 996 models and Boxster 998s. The bigger one also has Android Auto, though you’re out of luck on the small one.

Porsche did a fantastic job making these head units look classy, period correct, and just overall gorgeous. Unfortunately you will have to pay Porsche pricing for them. The single DIN model is up on the German Porsche site for $1,563 while the double DIN is $1745. It’s a small price to pay to retain originality and resale value on your classic car, but we do wish traditional audio companies follow Porsche’s path.

Source: Porsche
Via: Car and Driver

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