Huawei caught (again) trying to pass off DSLR photos as being shot on their smartphones


Huawei’s smartphones take amazing photos. The company has indeed come a long way since the early days, and the photos taken by its flagship smartphones are good enough to rival more established companies like Apple and Samsung. Unfortunately, it seems that the company simply doesn’t want to leave anything to chance.

So much so that Huawei has once again been caught red-handed where they tried to show off photos taken from a DSLR as photos coming from their smartphones. This was discovered over in China where Huawei was running a contest to promote its new Huawei P40 Pro handset.

In one of the promotional videos used by the company, a Weibo user discovered a photo that looked rather familiar and after some searching, he found the exact same photo on 500px. Based on the EXIF data, it was discovered that this photo was not shot on a Huawei handset, but instead shot using the Nikon D850, a $3,000 DSLR camera used by professionals.

Huawei has since apologized for the mistake, claiming that an editor had “wrongly marked” that the photo was taken by a Huawei smartphone. While that’s easy enough to forgive, what makes it difficult is this isn’t the first or second time Huawei has been caught doing this. Like we said, Huawei’s smartphones take amazing photos so why they can’t just hire a professional to take photos using their phones is beyond us.

Source: South China Morning Post

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