Samsung offers odd sanitizing services for phones to fight the coronavirus


The coronavirus outbreak doesn’t seem to be slowing down, where more countries and more people appear to be getting infected. Given that our smartphones are filthy and we touch it all the time and put it against our faces, clearly keeping our phones as clean as possible is one of the ways to ensure we don’t catch or spread anything.

The good news is that Samsung wants to help, and the company has announced that they will be launching a Galaxy Sanitizing Service across 19 different countries. This is a completely free service that Samsung will be offering, where phones will be cleaned using UV-C light, thus killing off bacteria without having to use any cleaning chemicals that could potentially destroy or damage the phone.

The countries that will have access to this cleaning service includes Argentina, Chile, Croatia, Denmark, Finland, Japan, Republic of Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Norway, Pakistan, Peru, Poland, Russia, Spain, Sweden, United States, Ukraine and Vietnam. Samsung has announced that they will expand the service to more countries in the near future.

They are also claiming that they have tested the sanitization devices themselves, and note that the use of UV-C light will not affect the performance of the devices, although given that it is made by third-party companies, its effectiveness may vary depending on the model supplied in the different markets.

Source: SamMobile

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