Mar 10th, 2020

Gimbals aren’t a new invention, but the problem with most gimbals is that it doesn’t always work with all cameras. This is due to the different size and weight of the cameras, but if you want a gimbal and a camera, then look no further because DJI’s Osmo Pocket is the perfect answer.

DJI has created various gimbals in the past, but the Osmo Pocket is different as it essentially comes with a camera built into it. There is even a small screen on the back to show you what you’re recording, and the best bit is that it is small enough to fit, well, in your pocket!

The gimbal and camera combo is currently on Amazon where it is enjoying a 16% deal which knocks its price down from $399 to $335, so head on over and check it out if you’re looking to save some money.

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