Official Facebook Lite app is only 252KB, provides notifications and access to messages [DOWNLOAD]



Early this morning, Facebook uploaded a new, slimmed down version of their app dubbed Facebook Lite to the Google Play Store. Aimed at low-end devices in emerging markets where cellular data is a little slower, we have to admit, we were plenty excited at the prospect of a 2G-friendly version of the normally bloated Facebook app.

Soon after installation, our optimism was met with cold hard reality — this app was little more than a wrapper for the mobile web view (ie, it’s nearly identical to visiting Okay, so there are some key differences. There’s no videos (like, at all) and unlike opening Facebook in your phone’s web browser, Facebook Lite will provide you with push notifications on your Android device, handy if you’re waiting for an important message and want to keep up with friends without having to refresh the browser.

The trade off? Facebook Lite — which is advertised as less than 1MB (252KB), but actually took up 1.16MB after installation — requests a fair amount of permissions from your Android device, similar to the full fledged 114MB (after installation) regular version of the app (only without the location data). Oh, did we mention it’s slow?

Facebook Lite

Even on WiFi, the app is slow to load, slow to scroll, and slow to switch between News Feed, your messages, and notifications. Even with a high-end Snapdragon 801 equipped Android device, the “app” straight up feels like molasses. But as we mentioned, you do get direct access to your messages without having to install Facebook Messenger, so there’s that.

We think Facebook really had something here and were really hoping for a quicker, lighter, less feature heavy, Facebook app for those of who don’t need all the frill of sticker stores and the like. Sadly, Facebook Lite really just doesn’t cut it.

Facebook Lite is currently available for all Android 2.2+ devices in Bangladesh, Nepal, Nigeria, South Africa, Sudan, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, or Zimbabwe via the Play Store. Those living elsewhere who’d still like to give it a try, you can download it from us via the link below.

Download: Facebook Lite for Android

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  1. Tried it out but it is “laggy” on my phone. I’m guessing it loads a minimum amount of data so you cannot seamlessly scroll through 100s of posts.

  2. Taste Great….

  3. FB blows…

    I am just going to leave that right here.

    1. At least give us a courtesy flush, geez….

  4. when will facebook plus facebook prime facebook mini be coming out?

  5. I’ve been using the mobile web site, and an app called “Fast Notifications” to notify me when there’s something to go look at. Seems to be the best of both worlds… notifications and no FB App. Plus, I can see my messages (so dumb.)

    1. Hmm… I may go try that.

  6. I just wish there were decent 3rd party alternatives. I used to love Friendcaster. Then they stopped supporting it suddenly. Then I moved to Fast for Android and it won’t send messages, much like Friendcaster stopped doing. It seems as if Facebook isn’t allowing 3rd party apps to allow messaging.

    1. I’m assuming they want an All-In-One messenger application. Messenger can do so much. IM, text, call. LoL!! My friend uses the calling. I hate it so much. It be crashing my phone and causes a weird issue when I got an actual phone call. It needs to stay as an IM.

  7. Dang, I’ll stick to browser still. Oh well, I guess I’ll keep seeing week old notifications still as I rarely go on there.

  8. You can try tinfoil if you want a light Facebook app. Been using it since yesterday and it works great so far.

  9. I remember reading something about FB pushing Android devices on their developers to help speed up more improvements to the Play Store version. Is this still going on? This was a couple years back. I see they’re still… doing SOMETHING? I dunno. Looking at the version we have now compared to the one from like 2012… Have there been huge improvements?

    1. Yes. But there has been some unwelcomed change. Like this bar that shows when you get a notification. It shows even when you’re in a full screen app. It even shows while you’re in Facebook. And swiping away this bar swipes away the notification. Ugh!!

      I’m sure some may like it, but I’d prefer the option to disable it. I don’t like it at all. Its annoying.

      1. Oh damn I thought I was the only one infuriated by that. After last update, took me a second but I was able to get rid of the consistent noise effects when you do ANYTHING (even scrolling through my news feed would make this DOOP DERP DO DOP sound) but is there a way to get rid of that banner at the top? Quite annoying when you’re watching a movie. Or doing anything other than being in Facebook really.

      2. I think the network altogether has gotten too bloated. Stopped using it last year for good. Whatsapp has pretty much filled that social void.

  10. Bloat in mobile application is becoming a plague.
    The Facebook app uses way too much RAM.

  11. does it randomly refresh and scroll to random places so I end up reading the same thing over and over and over in a never ending cycle of facebook suck?

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