Best cases for the Pixel 4 in 2020


The Pixel 4 is slim and slippery, but its size means that it’s possible to get a really robust and heavy duty case on it without compromising the feel in the hand, when combined with a slim and grippy case it can feel twice as nice and be totally secure too! In this roundup you’ll see cases from manufacturers with long pedigrees and some relative unknowns. Some are easy to take off and put back on like the Totalee Clear transparent case while some are a more long term solution, either way the Tech21’s Coral colour is one of my absolute favourites, which is why it’s the case my personal Pixel 4 has been rocking for the last month. Both will serve your Pixel 4 well, as would any case in this roundup.

Totalee Clear – Almost invisible.

Totallee’s got three variants of its iconic ultra-minimalist case available for the Pixel 4 at the moment: a hardshell matte black, a hardshell frosted clear, and a softer TPU crystal clear.

$25 at Amazon

MOMENT – Pixel Case

A Case brings the best of a camera (subtle grip, attachable lenses, and a strap) and combines it with the traditions of a super rugged case…all without the bulk. Even if you don;t use this case with MOMENT’s awesome range of lenses you can be sure your Pixel will remain protected and looking stylish. Available in Canvas, Leather and Wood.

$40 at MOMENT

tech21 Studio Colour

This ultra-thin case is made from plant-based materials, but should not be mistaken for some throw-away fad. This case can withstand drops over two meters and has antimicrobial properties, always handy as we head into flu season. Find it in Coral, Black, and Pewter variations.

$30 at Amazon

Spigen Liquid Air

This slim case features a wonderful futuristic honeycomb texture on the back and sides, allowing you to add a bit of drop protection and a lot of grip without succumbing to the same old siren song of the carbon fiber case. No more sliding off your leg or the arm of the couch.

$12 at Amazon

OtterBox Symmetry Series

OtterBox’s Symmetry series is slightly more elegant than previous generations, and this “Sapphire Secret” colour is just a wonderful reminder of the original Google Pixel. It looks great and very premium.

$39 at Amazon

Ghostek Covert

This case is more translucent or smokey than actually clear, but it still lets the Google branding shine through while adding Ghostek’s mil spec shock-absorbing corner guards. The pink version is really neat, check that out at the link below.

$15 at Amazon

ESR (2 Pack)

ESR’s clear cases are great on their own, but when you can get two of them for the cost of one Spigen case, it makes the deal sweeter . Giving you a spare or one two pas on to a friend. $7 each is a no brainer!

$15 at Amazon

Google Pixel 4 Case

Google’s classic fabric cases have been hits year after year, but this year they truly do look better than ever. From the Could Be Coral to the awesome looking Blue-ish, this microfiber-lined case is a winner. If you want the true Google look then this is the case for you.

$35 at Amazon

Snakehive Vintage Leather

Madein Europe these leather wallet cases come in for half the price of Bellroy, in more colours, and with free engraving! If that doesn’t turn your head, Snakehive’s got you covered with five colours, three card slots, and a cash pocket. Fancy!

$37 at Amazon

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