Mar 5th, 2020

Google Stadia is steadily getting a supply of new games to play, which is great because the initial lineup was downright tiny. The Division 2 has been announced and in the pipeline for a long time now, but it’s finally coming this month.

But a big announcement is that you won’t be limited to other Stadia players. In an online-only game like The Division, the value comes from playing with others. And using Destiny 2 as an example, having only a small group of Stadia players to play with is a major disadvantage for the moment.

The Division 2 will support cross-play with PC users and will even allow you to use your PC save points on the Stadia, a feature we were not really expecting. If you already own the game for PC, you can continue where you left off on and Stadia-compatible device and will have a massive pool of players to interact with. Of course you’ll have to re-buy the game, but if you’re going all in on Stadia, the availability of another major title is only good news. You’ll be able to start playing The Division 2 on Stadia on March 17th.

Source: Ubisoft