Samsung unveils an OLED display that’s “optimized for 5G”


Unlike last year, 5G smartphones appear to be more common these days. For the most part, 5G smartphones aren’t too different from non-5G smartphones, save for certain pieces of hardware like the modem which will now support 5G connectivity, but Samsung thinks that more components of the phone can apparently be optimized for the new mobile standard.

Samsung Display has recently unveiled a new OLED display which they are claiming has been “optimized” for 5G. We’re not sure what exactly that means, but presumably they are referring to the amount of energy that this new display consumes.

According to the company, they boast that their new OLED display is now not quite as power-hungry compared to previous displays, where its power consumption has been reduced by 15%. It is widely believed that 5G will end up consuming more power compared to 4G, so by reducing the amount of power the display actually uses, it should help with smartphone battery life.

Jee-ho Baek, vice president of the mobile display strategic marketing team at Samsung Display was quoted as saying:

“5G is expanding into a rapidly commercialized ecosystem where consumers can be connected to 8K as well as 4K streaming services, cloud-based gaming content and infotainment networks, increasing mobile device usage everywhere. Our 5G-optimized OLED display is taking the lead in the 5G era with its crystal clear imagery, distinguished designs, economical power consumption and increasingly eye-protective functionality.”

In addition to being “optimized” for 5G, the new display is also said to be easier on the eyes, where the amount of blue light it emits is 6.5%, versus 7.5% from Samsung’s OLEDs from last year. For those unfamiliar, studies have found too much exposure to blue light is said to be bad for our eyes, where it has the potential to mess up our sleep cycles.

Source: Samsung Display

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