Best wireless chargers for Android and iOS in 2020


If you’re looking for the fastest way to charge up your smartphone, there’s no denying that using a cable will probably be the best way to go about it. The problem with charging with a cable is that if you knock your phone over, the cable might yank out and ruin your device. It is also a bit troublesome as it means having to plug and unplug it all the time.

This is where wireless chargers can come in handy, where they are convenient to use, that is if you don’t mind a slightly slower charge. If you don’t mind, then these wireless chargers we’ve listed below are definitely worth checking out, and the best part is that they will work with both iOS and Android devices.

RAVPower Fast Wireless Charger 10W

This charging pad will be capable of delivering up to 10W of charging when wirelessly charging your device. It will be compatible with pretty much all Qi devices, meaning that by today’s standards, it should cover just about any phone that has wireless charging. It comes with a silicone grip that will prevent your device from sliding around, and also has heat dissipation that should help make it more efficient and reliable.

  • Price: $26.99
  • Rating: 4.8/5 (1,600+ reviews)

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Anker PowerWave 7.5W

When it comes to accessories, there’s no denying that Anker is one of the more popular and trusted brands around. The Anker PowerWave might not be as powerful compared to some other wireless chargers out there, but it does come with an internal fan and what Anker calls a “state of the art” cooling system.

This should help keep the charger cool, which Anker claims will allow it to charge 30% faster than the competition. It will also work through phone cases, so you don’t need to remove your phone case whenever you need to charge your device.

  • Price: $49.97
  • Rating: 4.0/5 (900+ reviews)

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Anker PowerWave 7.5W Stand

If you’re a fan of Anker but you wanted something that could also prop up your phone, then Anker’s PowerWave 7.5W also comes in a stand version. By propping up your phone, it lets you see notifications easily, and if you wanted, you could also use it to make video calls all the while your phone charges.

Once again, as with the previous Anker PowerWave, this charger will work with phone cases up to 5mm thick, removing the need for you to take out the case whenever you need to charge your device. It will also work with Qi enabled devices.

  • Price: $29.99
  • Rating: 4.6/5 (2,000+ reviews)

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Mophie Powerstation Hub

If you wanted wireless charging while on the go, then the Mophie Powerstation Hub is definitely worth taking a look at. This is an interesting device because not only does it wirelessly charge your device, but it does other things as well. For example, it is also a battery pack that comes with a 6,100mAh battery so you can charge other devices while on the go.

It also acts as a travel charger where you can connect it to a wall outlet and charge devices like laptops, phones, tablets, and so on. While it might not be the fastest wireless charger around, the fact that it pulls triple duty as a wireless charger, power bank, and a wall charger might excuse it.


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Nomad Wireless Charging Base Station

For those who own more than one wireless device, Nomad’s Wireless Charging Base Station is definitely worth checking out. This wireless charging mat is capable of charging up to two Qi compatible devices at once, so you will be able to charge up to two smartphones at the same time.

It supports dual 10W charging and if you have other devices that need charging, it comes with one USB-A port and one USB-C port, meaning that it will be capable of charging up to four devices at once. The leather surface will also help protect your device from any scratches and scuff marks while it is charging.

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