Feb 21st, 2020

Ads are a great way for companies to make money, and usually we see ads in games that are free-to-play as well as free online services. It seems like a fair trade, but what if you were to pay full price for a product? You would assume that the product is yours as you paid for it, and it shouldn’t come with ads, right?

Unfortunately, it seems that Samsung doesn’t think so. According to multiple user reports, it appears that Samsung’s brand new $1,400 Galaxy Z Flip smartphone is hiding apps in some stock apps that were preinstalled on the phone, like the app users would use to make phone calls with.

Now, to be fair, the ads were located in the Phone app under the “Places” section, a section which we imagine probably isn’t used too often by most users. Previously, Amazon used to sell phones under the Prime branding where they were sold at a really low price, and to make up for it, Amazon used to display ads on the lockscreen, but the fact that there are ads on a phone that you paid full price for does seem a little ridiculous.

The good news is that it can be disabled if you want, so there is that, but what do you think? Are we making this a bigger deal than it is, or was Samsung wrong to put ads on a phone that customers paid full price for?

Source: Cult of Mac

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