Feb 18th, 2020 publishUpdated   Dec 4th, 2020, 12:06 pm

It’s not often that words Microsoft Office and spectacular are used in the same sentence. Microsoft’s productivity apps like Word, PowerPoint and Excel have been available for Android for a while now, but the company has just released a unified application that allows you to use the single app for all your Microsoft Office needs.

In addition to Word, Excel and PowePoint, the new Microsoft Office app includes the company’s document scanning features from Microsoft’s Office Lens document scanner app. You’ll even be able to take photos of a table or spreadsheet and convert the data into an Excel file on the fly. The application also allows you to view and edit documents that are stored in your OneDrive account.

The new Microsoft Office application hasn’t yet been optimized for tablets or Chrome OS. While the Android tablet segment isn’t huge, support will likely roll out in the coming months.

Having a single, unified application that combines all the best Android apps Microsoft has released over the past few years is pretty fantastic. We’re hoping Google follows in Microsoft’s footsteps by combining Docs, Sheets and Slides. We’re always in favor of initiatives that will allow us to clean up our app drawer and removing individual apps that aren’t used on a regular basis.


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