Feb 18th, 2020

With the Samsung Galaxy Fold launching to build and durability issues, you would think that other handset makers such as Motorola would come up with ways around it. You would also assume that Samsung would try to get it right the second time, but as we can see from various tweets, that doesn’t appear to be the case.

There is some good news for companies like Samsung and Motorola, and that is maybe they might not be 100% to blame.

According to recent speculation by Input Mag’s Raymond Wong, he has suggested that maybe cold weather could be to blame for the phone’s displays cracking. Wong had recently gotten his hands on a Motorola Razr where he discovered that it wasn’t too long after he started using it that he realized that the display was peeling apart at the fold.

Wong is not alone in this as some users who bought the recently-launched Samsung Galaxy Z Flip ran into similar issues. At the moment, it cannot be proven that cold weather is the true culprit behind these issues as it could simply be due to a coincidence, but it is physics, where if you take a ice cold glass and pour boiling hot water into it, it will break.

Assuming that weather does have a part to play, hopefully manufacturers will take this into consideration for future designs.

Source: 9to5Google

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