Samsung Galaxy Buds+ are official and feature dual drivers


It’s the day of the Samsung Unpacked 2020 event and the star of the show is the Galaxy Z Flip. The new foldable may be the first one to really “work”, with a much lower price tag and a more one hand friendly design. Then there’s the Galaxy S20 and its higher end brothers.

But another announcement made are the updated Galaxy Buds+. A follow up to the original Galaxy Buds released last year at the same event, the Galaxy Buds+ are a very iterative upgrade but one that might make for a great product. Last year’s model didn’t sound great, so Samsung replaced the single driver with a separate tweeter and woofer, with the combo being almost 40% larger than the old single driver.

Samsung also replaced the old mics with a triple mic array. Two of the mics are external and one is internal for better mic noise cancelling. This also improves ambient mode. Unfortunately the rumors were true and there is no active noise cancelling included.

On the compatibility front, you can now switch between multiple Samsung devices with a single button press. It seems Samsung is pushing for an Apple-like ecosystem. There’s also better compatibility with iOS with a new app to change settings and customize the buds. Samsung also included some limited Spotify integration where a long press of an earbud will play a recommended song.

The earbuds will last 11 hours on charge thanks to a much bigger battery, and the case will hold a total of 22 hours. The Galaxy Buds+ launch on February 14 for $149.

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