Feb 4th, 2020

To date, all the gaming smartphones we’ve seen released typically feature high-end specs. It makes sense since higher-end and more powerful hardware would make it a lot easier to game on. For those who don’t have the budget for a high-end smartphone, not to worry because MediaTek has you covered.

The company has recently announced its latest chipset aimed at mid-ranged gaming smartphones in the form of the MediaTek Helio G80. The G80 is built using the 12nm process and offers up an octa-core CPU with 2x Cortex-A75 cores clocked at 2Ghz, while the remaining six cores are of the Cortex-A55 cores clocked at 1.8GHz.

In terms of GPU, the MediaTek G80 will be using the Mali G52 that has been clocked at a higher frequency of 950MHz, compared to the same GPU used in MediaTek’s G70, which was clocked slightly slower at 820MHz.

The chipset will also support 4G connectivity, so if you were hoping for 5G, you would be out of luck.

According to MediaTek, the G80 chipset will be launching later in February where it will find its way into several smartphones. There is no mention of which phones will be taking advantage of the new G80 chipset, but if a mid-ranged gaming handset is something you’re interested in, then this could be worth keeping an eye out for.

Source: MediaTek

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