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Nanoleaf just got a lot smarter with its new Learning Series lighting system


If you’ve ever see computer and desk setups, more often than not, you might come across setups which have these triangular lights placed on the walls where they glow in a myriad of colors. Most of the time, these lights are built by Nanoleaf who have been known for their decorative series of smart light panels, but that’s something the company wants to expand on.

Making an announcement ahead of CES 2020, Nanoleaf has revealed that they want to expand beyond just decorative lighting into a smart lighting system known as the Nanoleaf Learning Series.

This will come in the form of a variety of different products, one of which is an oddly-shaped bulb known as the Learning Bulb. There will also be a Learning Button and also a Learning Switch. Unfortunately, Nanoleaf was a bit short on the details about what these devices can do, but presumably they will all be somehow tied in with the company’s products and offerings at the moment.

According to Gimmy Chu, CEO and co-founder of Nanoleaf:

“With the Learning Series, we’re creating a truly intelligent lighting system that learns, senses and reacts, so that your lighting simply works as you need it to, and rarely require any adjustments. We believe this is what will define smart lighting of the future.”

The Learning Bulb will be priced at $19.99, the Learning Button for $14.99, and the Learning Switch for $49.99. Entire kits will also be available at $99, but there is no mention of availability just yet.

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