Dec 30th, 2019

The reason why our smartphone storage is getting larger these days is because of the increase in display size and resolution, and also the upgrades to the camera where we are getting considerably larger megapixels, which in turn means photos with bigger file sizes. Our cameras are also capable of capturing 4K video, which is by no means small.

Unfortunately within Android, Google has capped the video recording file size to 4GB. This is actually more than enough for most users, but for those who plan to use their phones to record extended videos, maybe to make video clips for YouTube, then this can be problematic.

The good news is that according to XDA Developers, a new commit in the AOSP gerrit has revealed that Google is looking to remove the 32-bit file size limitation and will use a 64-bit offset in mpeg4writer. Basically, it will remove the 4GB file size limitation and according to the report, it seems that Google successfully tested a file size of 32GB.

It even claims that Google managed to record a video file size that used up pretty much all of the storage on the phone in a single recording. We’re not sure how many of us would need such a large file, but at least the option will be there. Note that this is for Android 11 so we’ll have to wait until 2020 for it.

Source: XDA Developers

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