Smartphone tech we’re looking forward to in 2020


Has 2019 been a good year for smartphones? Foldable phones were meant to challenge the status quo, but it doesn’t seem to have made much of an impact, but the good news is that in a few weeks’ time, it will be 2020 which means that we have a whole new year to get things right, and here are some of the things we’re looking forward to in the new year.

No more notch!

We get it, the notch/hole-punch is a necessary evil as it helps companies embed their cameras into the display, but what we’re really looking forward to is a camera system that can exist under the display without the need for a special cutout or hole in our displays. Samsung is said to be working on such a tech, but from what we can tell, it probably won’t be making its debut in the Galaxy S11, but here’s hoping we’ll still see it in 2020, maybe with the Note 11.

Expand On Google’s Motion Sense

Touchless gestures aren’t exactly new, but with the Pixel 4, Google has turned to radar technology to take things up a notch. So far it doesn’t feel very impressive, but we believe that this tech has great potential and could be a huge game changer in terms of how we use our phones, so we’d like to see Google or some other company take the tech and run with it and come up with some awesome ideas.

More 120Hz Displays Please

More companies are embracing displays with higher refresh rates, although for the most part, most of them are capped at 90Hz. This is odd given that the original Razer Phone managed 120Hz, but yet companies are still pushing 90Hz. Hopefully with smartphones in 2020, 120Hz will start becoming the norm.

True Wireless Charging

Wireless charging, despite the name, still isn’t 100% wireless. Being forced to place your device on a charging mat is almost as good as tethering it to a cable, but worse, because when you lift it up, it stops charging. We know that true wireless charging tech does exist, but we would like to see it become a reality and incorporated into commercially available devices.

Make Foldable Phones Work

Foldable phones hold immense potential because come on, a phone that transforms into a tablet and back into a phone again, how awesome is that?! Unfortunately, the tech has failed to take off in a big way. Motorola has kind of challenged the form factor with the Motorola RAZR, so hopefully we’ll see more companies take that kind of risk in 2020 because it would be a shame to see the tech behind foldable phones go to waste.


There’s a lot of tech that we’d love to see in our smartphones in 2020, whether or not companies deliver remains to be seen. CES and MWC 2020 are around the corner so we guess we won’t have to wait too long to find out if any parts of our wishlist come true, so be sure to check back with us then for more smartphone-related updates!

Tyler Lee
A graphic novelist wannabe. Amateur chef. Mechanical keyboard enthusiast. Writer of tech with over a decade of experience. Juggles between using a Mac and Windows PC, switches between iOS and Android, believes in the best of both worlds.

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