Google Pixel 4 durability test: did you hear the snap?


Thinking about getting the Google Pixel 4? There are plenty of reasons to love the phone, like its stock Android experience, speedy updates, and of course, its fantastic camera. At the same time, if you do plan on getting the phone, you might want to be a bit careful with it as it isn’t as durable compared to other flagship phones.

This is according to a test done by YouTuber JerryRigEverything, who found during his testing process, that the Pixel 4 has several structural weaknesses. During the bend test, he heard a snap and later showed that there was a crack running down the side of the phone. Bending the phone further resulted in more cracking sounds on each side of the handset, where he later discovered that it seems to coincide with the antenna lines on the device.

This suggests that the antenna break could be the phone’s main weak point, although he points out that with other handset makers, they usually try to reinforce those areas. It is unclear why Google did not do so with the Pixel 4, but it’s something to take note of, especially if you’re the type of person who puts their phones in their back pocket.

That being said, we wouldn’t discount the Pixel 4 completely just yet as there is still many reasons why it’s a good phone, but like we said, it could be worth keeping this in mind all the same.


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