Nov 6th, 2019

Android Auto isn’t just for cars with compatible head units. The app has long been used by people on the phone itself, providing a user interface tailored to driving with large buttons and easy access to your most important features. This made the app useful to almost anyone who uses their device for music or navigation in the car.

However with Android 10, the app was removed and some of the functionality was baked into operating system. Unfortunately only the car hardware-based functionality made it. This means that you can plug your phone into your car and Android Auto will work, but using it on your phone display is no longer possible. This feature was supposed to be replaced by the Google Assistant Driving Mode, but it’s nowhere in sight months after the launch of Android 10.

So everyone already on Android 10 has suffered the loss of Android Auto on the phone display, until now. Google has finally brought it back with yet another app: Android Auto for Phone Screens. Nothing has changed over the standard Android Auto for older versions of Android, but at least those who need this functionality finally have it again.

Hit the link below to download the app if you’re running Android 10!

Source: Google Play – Android Auto for Phone Screens

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