Samsung’s 128GB EVO microSD card is cheaper than ever


Buying a smartphone is already a pretty expensive affair, and usually buying the base storage model is probably the best way to save money. Unfortunately, base storage these days is no longer as big as it once was, thanks to the rise in the size of media files, but sometimes it can also be a bit hard to justify paying for more storage.

If you’re in need of more storage but want to save money, you’re in luck because it looks like the Samsung 128GB EVO microSD card is on sale on Amazon, where thanks to a 22% discount, it is priced at $19.49 instead of its usual price of $24.99. This means that you’ll be saving yourself about $5 in the process, and 128GB of storage should be more than sufficient in most cases.

Given that it is a microSD card, it also means that in addition to phones, it will also be compatible with a variety of other gadgets, like digital cameras, home security systems, consoles, and more. The added benefit of the EVO microSD is that Samsung boasts that it is water, shock, temperature, X-ray, and magnetic proof, making it a good memory card to take with you on the go.

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