Images of foldable Moto RAZR leak, get us excited


The Motorola RAZR was a cultural icon and still remains in the minds and hearts of phone enthusiasts, and it looks like the brand’s comeback is going to be very exciting. The device has leaked in some new shots and it looks strikingly similar to the original in the best of ways.

The flip phone has the same style outer display and chin, with what looks to be a fingerprint sensor in the chin. It seems to be small and fits well in the hand, but inside is a massive and tall foldable display.

There are some similarities to the Galaxy Fold, including the hinge (and hopefully not the hinge gaps), but it looks like the outer display isn’t meant to be used as a main display. Instead of seems to show information and notifications. The inner display is small enough to use one handed. The camera on the front will be used for selfies on the outer display and as the main camera using the inner display.

Some specs also leaked for the device. It’s allegedly going to have a Snapdragon 710 processor, a 6.2-inch OLED inner display, a 600×800 outer display, a 2,730 mAh battery, and a choice of 4GB RAM + 64GB storage and 6GB RAM + 128GB storage.

The device seems to be at the higher end of mid-range, especially with one camera and that small battery. This makes the rumored price of $1500 hard to swallow, but it substantially undercuts both Samsung and Huawei. Foldable tech is still young so prices are high. Nonetheless, the design looks stunning and we’re so excited to see what Motorola has to show us on November 13th.

Source: @evleaks, Mobielkopen

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