Pixel 4 owners petition Google to bring back unlimited original quality photo backups


When Google launched their previous-gen Pixel phones, one of the features that the company offered exclusively to Pixel owners the ability to store photos in Google Photos in unlimited form for free (but not in perpetuity). This was a feature that seemed to be missing with the Pixel 4, and now it looks like Pixel 4 owners have since launched a petition to bring it back.

According to the petition:

“While Google tries to leverage the superb photography capabilities of its new flagship, it appears to be an even more hypocritical and cash grabbing move to not let users utilise their photo storage service as a part of the offering.

Let us remind Google that that the part of the reason of people choosing Pixel phones over other manufacturers sporting a similar hefty price tag was indeed this service. Let’s ask Google to bring back Free Unlimited Google Photos Storage in Original Quality!”

For those who are unfamiliar, Google Photos offers users the ability to store an unlimited number of photos on their server for free, but it will be capped at a certain resolution. There is also the option to store photos at their original resolution, but there is a limit to how many you can store, but you also have the option to buy more storage space.

Google used to offer that perk to Pixel owners for free, but with the Pixel 4, it looks like that offer is no more. Will you be signing the petition?

Source: Droid-Life

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