Oct 11th, 2019

When Razer first launched the Razer Phone, one of the features that attracted us to the device the most was its 120Hz display. While Apple might have been the first to introduce a 120Hz refresh rate display on tablets, Razer was the first to bring it to smartphones, and despite it having been a few years, there are less than a handful of devices that feature a 120Hz refresh rate display.

That could change soon with Xiaomi, or at least that’s according to a report from XDA Developers who were tipped off that in the latest MIUI 11 beta, there are references made to allow users to change the refresh rate on their smartphones, and upon further digging, they uncovered two potential options: 60Hz and 120Hz.

To date, most smartphone makers who have introduced higher refresh rates tend to keep it at 90Hz. Like we said earlier, there are only a handful of smartphones that use a 120Hz display, like the Razer Phone, Razer Phone 2, and the ASUS ROG Phone 2, for example. It should be pointed out a display with a higher refresh rate typically consumes more battery, which could be why many are choosing 90Hz as a happy middle.

We’re not sure which Xiaomi smartphone will be given the honor to pack a 120Hz display so we’ll just have to wait and see.

Source: XDA Developers

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