Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite is the more affordable version of the Galaxy Note 10


Earlier this year when Samsung launched the Galaxy S10 series of smartphones, they also launched the Galaxy S10e, which was basically a more affordable version of the smartphone. Some probably wondered if Samsung would give the same treatment to the Galaxy Note 10 series, and it looks like they might.

According to a report from SamMobile, it seems that Samsung could be working on a device known as the Galaxy Note 10 Lite, where as its name implies, this will be a cheaper version of the Note 10. Unfortunately, we’re not sure what kind of specs and compromises Samsung could be making in order to allow for the handset to be more affordable, but it is said to be making its way to Europe.

Flagship smartphones these days are seeing an increase in price where more than a few are crossing the $1,000 threshold. This in turn has spurred customers to try and seek out more affordable alternatives, which cleverly enough, companies like Apple and Samsung have capitalized on.

In fact, there have been multiple reports this year that suggests that Apple’s more affordable iPhone XR is a bigger success compared to their flagship iPhone XS and XS Max. In a way it is a rather genius move, where the same company has created both the problem and the solution.

That being said, there is no word on when the Galaxy Note 10 Lite will be announced, but we’ll keep our eyes peeled.

Source: SamMobile

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