Is the OnePlus 7T faster than the OnePlus 7 Pro?


The OnePlus 7T is the latest budget flagship smartphone to hit the market, undercutting the price of the most expensive OnePlus 7 Pro by a good $150! While the OnePlus 7T doesn’t have the same sleek body of the 7 Pro and comes with a lower resolution display, it actually has a slightly faster Snapdragon 855+ chip from Qualcomm which is about 5% faster than the standard SD855 chip used by the 7 Pro. That being said, the 7 Pro should still have the upper hand when it comes to RAM management since it’s equipped with an astounding 12GB of RAM on the model we have while the OnePlus 7T only comes with 8GB of RAm as the only option.

On paper, these two devices are a pretty good matchup, especially since they are both running the same software. But since we know many of you want to know which device is the fastest overall, we thought we’d put the two phones through a speed test to see how quickly they are able to open applications and games and then test their RAM management.

OnePlus 7T review: going pro on a budget

Take a look at the video and let us know what you think of the results. Would you rather own the OnePlus 7Pro with 12GB of RAM for $750 or the cheaper $600 Oneplus 7T?


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