Xbox One gets beta Google Assistant support


Though it never gained mass popularity, raised the price of the launch system, and ended up getting killed off, the Microsoft Kinect was actually a pretty useful addition to the Xbox One. The camera portion was a bit useless (other than for automatically redeeming those long, annoying codes) but the voice control was great. Saying “Xbox, record that” was an easy way to save your clips without interrupting gameplay.

Thankfully, we may finally have our less aggravating and free replacement for that functionality. The Xbox One now has support for Google Assistant, though this functionality is currently in beta. It’s available for everyone to try so you can enable and enjoy it now!

Once it’s enabled, you’ll have surprisingly deep control of your console using any Google Assistant enabled device, like your Google Home or even your phone. You can also configure your Xbox’s name if you have multiple. You can do everything from record clips, restart the console, to even control live TV. Here is a full list of commands:

  • Turn on: Hey Google, turn on Xbox.
  • Turn off: Hey Google, turn off Xbox.
  • Launch game: Hey Google, play Gears 5 on Xbox.
  • Volume up: Hey Google, volume up on Xbox.
  • Volume down: Hey Google, volume down on Xbox.
  • Mute: Hey Google, mute Xbox.
  • Un-mute: Hey Google, un-mute Xbox.
  • Pause: Hey Google, pause.
  • Play: Hey Google, play.
  • Next: Hey Google, next.
  • Previous: Hey Google, previous
  • Take a screenshot: Hey Google, take a screenshot on Xbox.
  • Record a game clip: Hey Google, record that on Xbox.
  • Reboot: Hey Google, reboot Xbox.
  • Stop: Hey Google, stop on Xbox.
  • Watch a TV channel (if live TV is configured): Hey Google, switch to PBS on Xbox.

Exciting, isn’t it? To give it a shot, join this Google Group. Then head to the Google Home App, hit +Add > Set up device > Have something already set up? > [beta] Xbox. From there you’ll have to enable digital assistants on your Xbox by heading to Settings > Kinect and Devices > Digital Assistants. Then give it a go and let Microsoft know what you think! Feedback is critical for beta programs.

Source: Google Groups, Reddit

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