Microsoft Project xCloud mobile game streaming now going into testing


Microsoft’s Project xCloud is an upcoming game streaming service that does what so many game streaming services have claimed before: promise games running on servers to be streamed to any device for a console-quality experience without the processing power. But of all companies, Microsoft seems to be in the best position to achieve it.

Project xCloud is now open for sign up, though this will only be a test. Those who are chosen (and not many will be) will have access to Gears 5, Halo 5, Killer Instinct, and Sea of Thieves to stream to their mobile devices. Server racks filled with Xbox hardware will do all the processing, and your device just needs a solid internet connection.

Though many more games will be supported in the future, this test is limiting it to just four. To qualify, you need an Android 6.0 or higher device and an Xbox One controller with Bluetooth. The first run don’t have Bluetooth, so make sure you have the newer ones with a streamlined faceplate. And obviously you’ll need a Microsoft account to sign up. Thankfully you don’t need to own these games or an Xbox One to test the service.

It launches in the coming weeks for people in the US, UK, and Korea so sign up here and keep an eye out for an email from Microsoft!

Source: Microsoft
Via: The Verge

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