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Finding a great deal on Microsoft Windows and Office is pretty difficult, but thanks to the URcdkey Autumn Sale, you’ll now be able to save hundreds of dollars on Microsoft’s most popular products with an extra 20% off when you use our exclusive promo code! These amazing deals won’t last long, so make sure you head over to URcdkey to take advantage of this incredible offer.

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How to connect your Android phone to Windows with Microsoft’s Your Phone app


Despite Microsoft and Google being direct competitors, Windows is now the best computer OS to pair with your Android phone. The new Your Phone app for Android now allows you to view notification, text messages and photos from your phone on your laptop or desktop PC.

Once you’ve walked through this process, you’ll not receive notifications form your Android apps on your Windows computer and will be able to view and reply to text messages as well.

Microsoft is also working on Android app mirroring with a future update which will allow you to view and interact with Android apps installed on your phone from your computer. We’re not sure why it took Microsoft this long to start working on Android integration with Windows, but we’re definitely happy that they’re doing it now.

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