OnePlus phones could be available directly from Verizon in 2020


Buying phones directly from carriers has its pros and cons. A con is that it usually means you’re locked with the carrier for the period of the contract. The upside is that it also means that you will be able to purchase phones on installment plans, making that $1,000 flagship a little more bearable.

If OnePlus phones on contract is something you’ve always been interested in, then you might be interested in a rumor from Android Police. According to the publication, they have heard from their sources that come 2020, Verizon and OnePlus are expected to enter into some kind of partnership that will see Verizon officially carry OnePlus phones in its lineup.

OnePlus phones have typically been compatible with US carriers, but this official partnership is good news for Verizon customers. OnePlus had previously entered into a partnership with Sprint for a 5G handset, so to expand their presence in the US with Verizon seems like a smart move.

There was also a report from PhoneArena that suggested that the OnePlus 7T Pro 5G McLaren Edition could actually be the first phone in that partnership, but we’ll have to wait and see. OnePlus will be officially unveiling their smartphones in the coming weeks.

Source: Android Police

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