Sep 5th, 2019

Back in July, Samsung confirmed that they will be re-releasing the Galaxy Fold in September. The company stopped short of actually saying when the phone will be released, but it looks like we now have a definitive date to look forward to.

In a press release by Samsung, the company has announced that come 6th of September (which is tomorrow), the Galaxy Fold will be released to the masses. Before you get too excited, Samsung’s announcement only covers South Korea’s launch. If you were hoping to pick it up in the US, the company has yet to officially confirm a release date, but sources speaking to Bloomberg have suggested that it could land stateside on the 27th of September.

We know that the company did have plans to release in the US and had partnered with various carriers and retailers, although the delay of the phone’s launch resulted in these carriers and retailers cancelling pre-orders of the handset. The phone is also expected to come with some changes made to its design, where Samsung will be reinforcing parts of the phone that were discovered to be problematic.

This includes the screen protector which some reviewers had mistakenly taken off, resulting in the screen getting damaged. The changes will also cover the hinge where it will now be slightly more impervious to dust and debris getting inside of it, where previously when debris got inside of it, it made the phone difficult to unfold and fold.

It will be interesting to see how well the phone will be received, especially given its price tag where it was previously announced that the Galaxy Fold would cost $1,980.

Source: Samsung

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