Sep 2nd, 2019

While both the Samsung Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X are foldable phones, both devices are designed differently. With the Galaxy Fold, Samsung has opted for a book-like design where users would unfold the handset like they would a book. Given that foldable smartphones are still new, it’s not necessarily a guarantee that this is a design that will stick (even if seems to make the most sense).

This is why it’s not surprising to discover that Samsung is actually exploring a variety of ideas for future Galaxy Fold handsets. This is according to a report from LetsGoDigital where they have found several patents related to the design of foldable phones.

According to the patent, at least two of the designs seems to be similar to the current-gen Galaxy Fold but with some slight changes made to the notch. It is the third design that is probably the most interesting, where it seems to indicate that Samsung is exploring the idea of a foldable phone that flips open like a notepad.

If this sounds familiar, it is because a previous patent had also suggested that this could be a design Samsung is exploring. This would also make it somewhat similar to what the foldable Motorola RAZR smartphone could look like. That being said, these are just patents which means that these are only ideas.

Whether or not Samsung actually implements them and turns it into a real product remains to be seen, but what do you think of these designs? Yay or nay?

Source: LetsGoDigital

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