YouTube is testing allowing users to queue up videos to watch


Sometimes on YouTube when we watch videos, suggested videos appear on the side that might catch our fancy. The downside is that if you wanted to watch that video, you would have to wait until the current video ends and then click on it. Sure, there is the “Watch Later” feature, but it isn’t as convenient as we would like.

Thankfully, YouTube is finally getting into queues. This is a feature that we’ve seen in music streaming apps, where we can tee up tracks to be played after the current song has ended. This seems to be a similar concept that YouTube is looking to test out, where users will soon be able to queue up videos to watch.

How this works is simple, whenever you search for a video, all you need to do is click the overflow menu and then select “Add to queue”. Just keep repeating the process and add as many videos to your queue until you’re satisfied. This in turn creates a mini player that floats at the bottom right of your screen where you’ll see all the queued videos ready to go. You can then manage them from that interface as well.

Once the first video ends, the next video that has been queued will be played, and this will be repeated until you pause it or you run through all the videos in the queue. Note that this feature is currently in testing and if you don’t see it yet, you can enable it here. We have no idea when Google will be turning it on for everyone, but you can take it for a spin now if you’re interested.

Source: Android Police

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