Switching Gmail accounts on Android just got a whole lot easier


These days it’s not surprising to find people who own more than one email account. One account might be used for personal and private use, one could be used for school or work, one could be used for social purposes or for service signups, and so on.

If you do own more than one Gmail account and you have the Gmail app on your Android device, it seems that Google has recently issued an update that will make switching between those accounts a lot easier. This involves swiping upwards or downwards on your Gmail avatar, where with each swipe, it will switch between the various Gmail accounts you have linked together.

This is versus the previous method in which you had to tap on your avatar and then select the account you want to switch to. If you own 2-3 accounts, swiping could potentially be faster, although note that this is done sequentially so you can’t jump from the first account to the third one.

Oddly enough, this is a feature that Google had actually introduced to iOS users back in March this year, so it does seem a bit strange that Google would take so long before the feature finally made its way to Android. Either way, the changes should already be here so keep an eye out for Gmail updates for your phone.

Source: Android Police

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