LG has a new mobile browser designed for dual screen smartphones


Earlier this year, LG announced the LG V50 ThinQ in which they also launched a separate accessory that will give the phone a second screen. This appears to be LG’s answer to foldable smartphones, which LG is holding off on launching for now as they claim it is “too early”.

The company is expected to continue with that dual screen design in a teaser video released earlier this month, and it seems that this could be a trend LG will be pushing forwards with in the future. This is because the company has announced that they will be releasing a new mobile browser for its phones that will be able to take advantage of that dual screen display.

The browser is based on Naver’s Chromium browser called Whale, which LG says that they have optimized. Unlike foldable phones, which is essentially one huge screen, the advantage of a dual screen setup is that users can essentially have two browsers running at once.

One of the examples LG gave is that each screen could be used to show separate websites (kind of like running a dual monitor setup), or it could show a single site on both screens but in different languages. LG says that they will be collaborating with telcos and developers to expand on the dual screen ecosystem moving forwards.

It does seem like a rather niche app that probably won’t find much use outside of the LG V50 ThinQ and the upcoming LG V60 ThinQ, but we imagine that it will be appreciated by owners of those devices nonetheless.

Source: LG

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