Snap’s new Spectacles 3 are ridiculously overpriced


If you thought that SNap has given up on Spectacles, think again. The company has just unveiled Spectacles 3, featuring a brand new look, a second HD camera and a 153% bump up on the sticker price. That’s right, the 2019 Snap Spectacles 3 will cost you $380 when they hit the market in November.

The good news is that Spectacles 3 offer a unique design for those who are keeping up with the latest trends. Having two cameras (one on each side of the frame) also allows the AR glasses to capture depth information which Snap will use to create new 3D effects which will be exclusive to Spectacles users. Snap is also planning to allow developers to get in on the action which may allow Snap to make some extra cash with in-app purchases.

Snap Inc. has thousands of pairs of unsold Snapchat Spectacles

Capturing photos or video with Spectacles 3 is as simple as ever thanks to a capture button located on the top of the frames. As usual, there are circular LEDs which lights up around the camera sensors whenever you decide to record video. The photos and clips you capture can easily be synced to your smartphone and then shared to Snapchat, but you’ll also be able to export them and upload video clips to YouTube or share the images to other platforms like Instagram or Facebook. Unfortunately, the syncing process still isn’t automatic, forcing users to manually start the syncing process when they want to view the images of video clips within Snapchat on their phone.

The 4GB of internal storage built into Spectacles 3 isn’t much, but it should allow users to save 1,200 photos and up to 100 videos before needing to offload the data. As far as battery life is concerned, Snap was pleased to announce a slight improvement which allows for 70 videos or at least 200 photos to be captured before the battery is depleted. Naturally, the AR glasses will be able to charge while placed inside the included case which takes approximately 75 minutes.

While there’s no denying that Snap Spectacles 3 are an improvement over last year’s model, we’re not exactly sure that the price hike will do Snap any favors. The company’s key demographic is a younger crowd that wasn’t impressed with Spectacles when Snap was only charging $150 for them. We can’t image very many high school or college students willing to spend $380 for a pair of AR glasses with limited functionality when the smartphones they already own can capture much better photos and videos.

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