LG teases dual-screen LG V60 ThinQ


IFA is officially just one month away. To get people excited about the event, LG has just announced its official press event with a video showing off a dual-screen smartphone. The LG V60 ThinQ wasn’t mentioned by name, but the company has already made it clear that dual-screen devices like the LG V50 are its response to Samsung ad Huawei’s foldable display smartphones.

LG’s IFA press event is scheduled for Friday, September 6th in Berlin. What we find confusing is that LG has not been sticking to a regular release cycle with its V-series smartphones. These devices typically make their debut in the second half of the year, but LG has already released a V-series device earlier this year. The V50 was technically an iterative update over the V40 just like the V35 was over the V30, so we should see a more substantial spec upgrade with the V60.

As for specs, the LG V60 should feature a multi-sensor camera setup, a Snapdragon 855 or 855+, water resistance, a 3.5mm headphone jack (that’s one of the main features that has distinguished the LG’s V-series smartphones from the competition recently),  a large battery and of course, a secondary display. While having two displays on a smartphone isn’t as elegant as having one that can fold up, it could definitely stand out from the competition since Samsung and Huawei have yet to launch their foldable smartphones.


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