Nvidia updates the now ancient Shield TV to Android 9.0 Pie


The Nvidia Shield TV was launched all the way back in 2015 and, despite a few minor hardware updates, is still kicking to this day. Nvidia has kept the Android TV box updated and current four four straight years, and the amazing support continues.

The company has launched the SHIELD Software Experience Upgrade 8.0, which is a software update based on Android 9.0 Pie. Despite Android Q being fairly close to launch, Pie is still the latest version of Android and we’re in shock that Nvidia is keeping up the support.

Pie brings features such as Google Autofill and a new and easier setup process. The update also brings live TV from Hulu, a feature called “Match Content Color Space” for those with an HDR TV, and more.

This is even more surprising given that an upgraded model of the Shield TV has passed through the FCC. It’s likely that this is a similar device to what is available now but with a new version of the same Tegra processor based on a smaller process. While it doesn’t sound like a huge upgrade, it’s still a welcome one and should be plenty powerful enough to do the Android TV things we need it to do.

So good on you Nvidia for keeping support up for so long. If you own a Shield TV, make sure to update it!

Source: Nvidia

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