Samsung Galaxy Note 9 just got an amazing 35% discount


Samsung has recently confirmed that the Galaxy Note 10 will be officially unveiled on the 7th of August, 2019. This will represent the company’s latest flagship smartphone and we expect that it will come with all the bells and whistles attached. At the same time, we also expect that it will not come cheap, given Samsung’s pricing habits and also how we’re seeing a rise in the cost of flagship smartphones.

If you’re not too fussed about owning the latest piece of technology and are more concerned about price, you’re in luck because over at Amazon, the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has been discounted by a whopping 35%. This has brought its price down from the usual $850 to a much more affordable $554.

While it might be considered last year’s flagship, you shouldn’t be so quick to dismiss it yet. This is because it is still very much a powerful phone, and it will also feature the newly-designed S Pen and its features that some might find useful, especially if you’re into digital note-taking.

Note that the model being sold is the unlocked and international variant of the handset, meaning that there will not be any warranty for the USA, but at the same time, given its low price, perhaps it can be overlooked.

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