DEAL: Samsung Galaxy S10e is enjoying a $100 discount


Our smartphones are getting more expensive and we’re sure many of us miss the prices from the good old days. The good news is that it looks like Samsung’s latest smartphone, the Galaxy S10e, is enjoying a $100 discount where instead of it being priced at $750, it is now priced at a much more affordable $650.

The Samsung Galaxy S10e is the cheapest model from the Galaxy S10 lineup, and as such it does come with a few compromises compared to the Galaxy S10. This includes a smaller display with a lower resolution, and instead of a triple camera setup like the Galaxy S10, it will feature a dual 12MP + 16MP combo.

It will also have a slightly smaller 3,100mAh battery versus the 3,400mAh battery of the Galaxy S10, but at the same time, the chipset used will still be the same across the board, so for the most part, it will still offer up the same performance. If you think you can live with these compromises, then there is a lot to love about the Galaxy S10e, especially now that it is cheaper than ever, so head on over to Amazon if you’d like to get your hands on it.

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