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Samsung’s new SmartThings security camera, plug and LED bulb ditch the hub


The Samsung SmartThings ecosystem got larger today with the introduction of a few new products which surprisingly ditch the SmartThings Hub which has been required for Samsung’s other smart home products in the past.

The highlights of the new lineup is the Samsung SmartThings Cam which captures a 145-degree field of view in HD (720p) with HRD support so that you can actually see what’s happening in your house if the camera is pointed towards a window on a bright day. 

Like most other security cameras these days, you’re able to get notifications on your smartphone whenever the camera’s motion detector feature is triggered, but Samsung has added object recognition which allows the Samsung SmartThings Cam to recognize different people, pet movements and even cars driving by. This means you’ll be able to select if/when to be notified so that you won’t get pinged 1,000 times a day.  Samsung has also built-in a mic and speaker into the camera which allows you to use it as an intercom system and talk to people in different rooms using the app.

The camera also supports night vision so that you can see what’s going on in your house at night. While the SmartThings Cam will connect directly to your WiFi without needing the SmartThings Hub, advanced features like turning on your smart lights at night when the cam senses motion only work when it is connected to the Hub. The Samsung SmartThings Cam is competitively priced at $90.

Second, on the list is the new Samsung SmartThings Plug which allows you to turn any old outlet into a smart outlet. You can use it to turn things on remotely through the app or have them on a timer, but the SmartThings Plus is also compatible with your favorite voice assistants as well. Naturally, that includes Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and Samsung’s Bixby, but Siri has been excluded from the list. You’ll be able to pick up the Samsung SmartThings Plug for $18.

The last item introduced is the new Samsung SmartThings Bulb. The features of the LED smart bulb are pretty standard with an estimates 25,000-hour lifespan, 806 lumens, and on/off and dimming controls through the app of your voice assistant. While there’s nothing particularly unique about the Samsung SmartThings Bulb, its $10 price undercuts the standard Philips Hue $15 smart bulbs even our personal favorites from Yeelight.

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