Jun 20th, 2019

Our smartphone cameras have become increasingly capable these days, where the photos they produce could put some lower-end compact cameras to shame. But if there is one area that our phone cameras can’t beat, it would be the megapixel count, where due to the size of the sensor, our phones can only produce photos up to a certain resolution.

This is versus more professional and high-end DSLRs which can produce photos at a very high megapixel count. The good news is that Xiaomi wants to turn the industry on its head because according to reports, the company might have a smartphone that packs a 64MP camera under its hood.

This is based on MIUI code discovered by the folks at XDA Developers several references to a 64MP sensor have been made. It has also been speculated that the camera used in the phone could be made by Samsung. This is because, at the moment, Samsung is the only company that has produced a 64MP sensor designed for our smartphones.

That being said, we have to say that megapixel count feels more like a marketing tool rather than an actual feature that most people would care about. This is because the bulk of our photos tend to be shared on social media, which is usually compressed, which means that having such a high megapixel count is kind of pointless.

There is no word on when this 64MP camera will debut, but we expect that it will most probably be reserved for Xiaomi’s next-gen flagship, whenever that will launch.

Source: XDA Developers

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