Google confirms that they are out of the tablet business


Earlier this year, we ran an editorial in which we thought that perhaps it was time for Google to give up on tablets. It seems that maybe Google has agreed because according to a report from Computerworld, they have heard that Google will be stopping work on tablets and will instead be choosing to focus on laptops moving forwards.

The report goes on to claim that Google actually had two new tablets in the works, but ultimately decided to cancel them in favor of utilizing their resources for other projects instead. Google’s SVP of Device and Services Rick Osterloh has since confirmed the report to be true in a tweet where he reassures that while Google themselves will no longer be making tablets, it does not mean that the company will stop supporting the tablet concept as a whole.

This move hardly comes as a surprise because, in a report back in March, the company’s tablets future was cast into uncertainty as Google had reshuffled its employees from its tablet division and told them to find positions in other parts of the company instead. Plus, Google’s recent tablet efforts haven’t exactly been met with resounding success, so why focus on a product category that isn’t doing well?

Note that these changes will apply only to tablets, and that hybrid two-in-one convertibles such as the Pixelbook will continue to be made. We expect that we should hear more about a refresh of the laptop soon, so check back again later for more updates.

Source: Computerworld

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