Jun 18th, 2019

The miniature Palm smartphone which originally launched as a smartphone companion exclusively on Verizon is now available for pre-order as a standalone unlocked device. You’re essentially looking at the perfect pocket-sized smartphone for anyone who doesn’t care about having a good camera or a large display for endless Facebook scrolling or media consumption. In other words, the Palm smartphone is probably what you should buy your kids if you don’t want them to suffer from the same screen addition you do. They’ve actually included a unique software build into the device which allows parents to track their children’s location, activity and restrict which apps they can use.

The only issue with the Palm is that pre-orders are going for $350, a pretty steep price when you consider that it really doesn’t have much to offer. Sure, it’s cute and many people would love to own the device simply because of the name, but there are dozens of other devices we’d actually recommend over the Palm if you’re looking to spend $350.

If you simply don’t care about the price or want a full-featured smartphone that you can forget about when going running, you can pre-order the Palm directly from its website.

Source: Palm 

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