Huawei Watch GT gets even better with always on display update


The Huawei Watch GT is a solid fitness-focused smartwatch, with a great design and battery life in excess of two weeks. With how infrequently you have to charge it, it becomes a lot more tempting to wear than a smartwatch that needs a top up every night. Unfortunately, it was missing one major feature since launch day: an always-on display. You needed to raise your wrist to see the time, and of course, hope the gesture worked properly. It was an annoyance but it came with the territory of the first smartwatch powered by Huawei’s new Lite OS.

Now the watch has gotten an update with an always-on display feature built in. Once you’re updated, swipe down and head to Settings > Display > Advanced > Standby watch face and select between analog and digital as well as an accent color.

Naturally, battery life will obviously take a hit but the new feature also disables the watch face from lighting up when you raise your wrist. You’ll only be able to turn the display fully on with a button or a screen tap. The wrist gesture still works fine when notifications come in. This is an odd design choice which may be addressed with a future update if Huawei Watch GT users aren’t too happy with it.

To check for updates, open the Huawei Health app, hit the icon in the top right corner, and check for updates. It’s a roll out so you may not see it immediately, but once you get it, enjoy your new and improved Huawei Watch GT!

Dima Aryeh
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