5 Great Apps that will make you a Grill Master


Memorial Day in the United States is this coming Monday and many of us, including myself, will fire up the grill for some great food. Here are a few apps to help you find and cook with perfection this weekend.

Weber iGrill

The Weber iGrill app easily connects via Bluetooth to your iGrill thermometer probes and lets you know exactly when to flip your steak and when it’s fully cooked. The improved interface includes a multitude of features including Extensive temperature preset library for various cuts of meat and fish. Updated time and temperature graph. Grilling by temperature range. custom and preset temperatures. Ability to set up multiple timers at once. Track your grilling session in minutes or hours. The Weber iGrill is compatible with Weber iGrill probes as well as the Kitchen Thermometer and Kitchen Thermometer mini.

Install Weber iGrill


Pitmaster Malcom Reed from shares his barbecue, smoking and grilling recipes – and YouTube videos – searchable on his new, free app. Every week the app updates with the latest ribs, pork, chicken, and brisket recipes from Malcom helping you grill the perfect meal for your family and friends.

Install HowToBBQRight


SteakMate helps you cook the perfect steak. You start by selecting the steak cut, thickness of the steak, how you want it cooked and your cooking method. Given that information, SteakMate tells you how to cook the steak, when to flip it and even if it requires a resting time. Have friends over that all want their steak at different temps? No problem, SteakMate lets you queue your steaks and helps you cook each one to perfection. SteakMate will save your favorite steak, keeping the cooking steps readily available.

Install SteakMate

Grill Recipes Free

Grill Recipes Free is a material-design recipes app to help you find the perfect recipe to wow your family and friends at your next BBQ. Healthy recipes are available for those trying to stay on track with their diets. If you look in your kitchen and realize you only have a few ingredients, no problem! Grill Recipes Free will take the ingredients you enter and search for recipes with those ingredients and in your preferred cuisine type. Once you have the perfect recipe, use the app and generate your shopping list. Grill Recipes Free is available in over 20 major languages.

Install Grill Recipes Free

BBQ TankMeter

BBQ TankMeter is a unique app that uses acoustics to measure the amount of propane left in a tank. Tap the tank and BBQ TankMeter will provide a graphical display showing the approximate amount of propane left in the tank. The app only supports standard steel 20-pound tanks and not fiberglass tanks or steel tanks of other sizes.

Install BBQ TankMeter

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