Pixel 3a versus Samsung Galaxy S10+: camera comparison


Google is challenging the notion that you need to buy a flagship smartphone if you want a flagship smartphone camera experience. The new $400 Pixel 3a is packing the same main camera setup at the original Pixel 3 and delivers images and video which can go head-to-head with the cameras of $1,000 smartphones. Rather than trusting Google’s word, we thought you’d like to see how the Pixel 3a actually compares to the Samsung Galaxy S10+ which sell for a cool $999.99.

To be clear, the Samsung Galaxy S10+ has quite a fit of cool tech which justifies its price point. It has a total of five camera sensors, an in-display fingerprint scanner, standard and reverses wireless charging if you want to top off a friend’s phone at the end of the day, a massive display and some really neat software tricks. But if all you want is a reliable camera which can capture incredible pictures without putting too much thought into it, the Pixel 3a is a very compelling option.

Pixel 3a versus Pixel 3: camera comparison

The Pixel 3a has the benefit of Google’s superb image processing which delivers outstanding dynamic range, incredible portrait shots (even though it only has a single sensor on the back) and jaw-dropping low light shots thanks to its Night Shot mode. The main advantage that the Samsung phone has is the three sensors on the back which capture a standard, 2x zoom and ultra-wide angle shots. Take a look at the embedded video to see how the two cameras perform in a variety of different scenarios.

The gallery below shows the same side-by-side photos used in the video. Images captured by the Pixel 3a are on the left while those taken with the Samsung Galaxy S10+ are on the right. Let us know what you think of the results and if you think the $400 Pixel 3a matches the image quality delivered by the Samsung Galaxy S10+.

Pixel 3a versus Samsung Galaxy S10+ gallery

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